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The Shade is a support vehicle option for the Grimm Legion, it serves a role as mobile repair station for troops on the field. Used typically during heavy engagements it sits along with the troops using them as a wall to protect itself, and in return repairing and activating automated repair systems of all nearby Drones. It also supplies nanites to the Drones for repairs as well as fabricating more Nanites on the go from spare material about the battlefield. It is fairly sturdy being able to use its own nanite reserves to rapidly repair under fire.


It is a lightly armored vehicle and makes use of magnetics to deflect rounds and disperse plasma, which is typical of most Grimm Legion vehicles. However it is fairly durable due to the presence of of fluid with suspended nanites in it, the armor is capable of automatic reactionary repair. Besides this it has little else to rely on, but being a hovering skimmer it is capable of decent amounts of speed though not as much as other vehicles but it does help it get to where it is needed.


Being Primarily a support option it has limited combat ability that does not involve making other drones more efficient as its form of offense.

Its Primary armament is a spraying gun on its top, this weapon is actually used for repair as it can project raw nanites to a source either as a beam for repairing, or as a spray for offense. As a Spray it is short ranged and prays much like a flame thrower with a wider affected area, and it coats everything the spray touches in active nanites that begin to eat away at designated targets, so only enemies are affected while drones are bolstered by the spray with increased repair capability. it can be used to mulch just about any unit even light vehicles, however heavier vehicles, more specifically heavy tanks, are not as affected just due to the amount of armor they would need to eat through.

As a repair source it can beam nanites to a target, usually a vehicle, which constantly repairs said vehicle, drastically increasing survivability. Very Important vehicles or Drones may have several Shades focus firing on them, to make them unstoppable juggernauts so long as they Shades are there. Shades themselves already bolster repairing of everything passively so the weapon drastically increases repairs.

Its other source of Offense is creating either mines or turrets, these are generated in the back of the vehicles and either placed under of magnetically shot to a distant location.

  • Mines
Basic mines used for both anti-infantry and Anti-vehicle, even air mines can be placed against aerial units. Except for the air mines, all the mines are the same and activate differently depending on the target that encounters them. As anti-infantry the mine shoots an explosive the fragments into more explosives to guarantee a large amount of kills against troops, as an anti-vehicle mine the same charge detonates as a single dense explosion meant to pierce through armor, this same feature is used against heavily armored infantry as well as the fragmentation tends to be less effective. The Air Mines use hover technology to be suspended and have limited cloaking ability so as to surprise anything in the air that gets near, these are typically used against enemy close air support that get low to fight them.
  • Turrets
Turrets are extremely versatile, and may have many forms depending on need, and may be larger or smaller depending. They can be many things mostly for suppressive fire, though some heavier variants exist such as rocket firing turrets, most will be for laying down suppressive fire and harassing the enemy and can range for SPWs to Coil or rail weapons and even plasma, all depending on resources and situation. Sniper turrets though are most interesting, as they typically use a Railgun sniper weapon and are equipped with advanced optics, these turrets are of course controlled By full V.A.I.s and in fact may have several on them. They keep in constant communication and share data with all other drones in the area, even in space, and can gather and process data from all kinds of sources at the same time allowing them to make perfect shots when a target is found and allow for on the field sniping for taking out targets as they are identified.


The Shade has several uses on the field and all of them are support, as it is not meant for any independent action on the front lines.

Its primary purpose is to repair, and keep drones on the field up and running through activation of the Drones' automatic repair systems. Which it uses the magnetic fields to supply nanites to the drones, and can give a more direct burst of nanites with its sprayer, which repair incredibly fast as opposed to its passive systems.

It can also be deployed for repair reasons where it can repair structures during combat, or repair vehicles that are more effective in combat, and thereby increase the efficiency of the other vehicle through increasing its survivability.

Its final use is for deploying mine fields and setting up turrets as a line of defense meant to harass an enemy, and even place sniper turrets for long distance assistance.