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The Solarisians are a powerful race of humanoid creatures, originally hailing from a pocket dimension in which they were the only life populating it. In the past, the Solarisians fought over the control of their god, Solarin. Eventually however, peace became widespread across their galactic empire until the infestation of a dark force.

Solarisians have the power to manipulate light, using it in a variety of ways including but not limited to laser weaponry, optical camouflage, and E-Warfare. Along with those light manipulation abilities, they have a natural ability of telepathy and telekinesis as well as mind invasion abilities. The technology of Solarisians are rivaled by few, but the technology used by the Empire of Caelum is not up to that quality yet, and as such they still have ways to go. The Solarisian Pocket Dimension is currently cut off from the main world, and it is unknown if it will ever be opened to it; but, with the rise of an ancient evil whose destruction is on a universal level, their help may be needed to end their machinations and protect all of life.