Taurgit Collective (T.C)

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Taurgit Collective (T.C)
Player mikethor007
Leader Sonta F'Ratha
Species Taurgit
Inclination Twilight
Population 7 billion
Primary Languages Taurgitian
Current Home Planet Ishanoth
Core Planets Ishanoth, Siallag, Draurt, Razei, Ullakash

The Taurgit Collective is the remnant of what was the former Taurgit civilization. It is currently based on Ishanoth, in the Klemunt System.


The Collective is basically an assortment of clans, each with its own area of technological expertise. Certain clans are deemed more important, either due to personal fortunes, glory or amassed knowledge, and therefore have better positions of power. There is no slavery in the collective of clans, as every hand was needed for the Taurgit to survive their exile. Certain clans might choose to be clients(vassals) of bigger clans, with these respresenting the smaller ones on government matters.


The collective of clans is run by an assembly, with representatives of each clan (that chooses to send one instead of being clients to other clans). Issues are resolved by votes. There is a leader of the assembly, but he/she doesn't wield true power over the others, except in extreme emergencies.


Relatively well provided. The desert planet the Taurgit live in is relatively rich in minerals, but as it has very harsh conditions, resources are only spent when really needed. This has led to one of the defining characteristics of Taurgitian economy and technology: everything is geared towards being as efficient as possible.

The mainstay of power prodution on Ishanoth are Solar Panels on high altitudes, where there are no sand storms, geothermal power at high depths of the underground complexes and wind traps, which also double as humidity collectors.

Siallag has a mining facility on its atmosphere which extracts hydrogen and helium used for producing fuel for the ships used by the Taurgit.

The other planets of the home system are being mined for minerals which are more scarce on Ishanoth.


Planet Ishanoth, the current home planet of the Taurgit. A mostly desert world, with all of the usual features associated with that kind of planet: sand storms, blistering heat near the equator and difficulty in finding water. Its saving grace is the rather plentiful mineral deposits situated well below the surface.

Planet Siallag, the gas giant of the system. It has a mining facility on its orbit, used for mining hydrogen and helium.

Draurt is an arctic world which has until now seen mild mining activity.

Razei and Ullakash are the fringe worlds of the system. The former is also arctic while the later is totally barren. Both are being used as staging area for ships and as listening posts for monitoring the system.

Outside of the Klemunt System the Taurgit have frontier colonies on two star systems: Ortekeng System and Draff System. Ortekeng has a habitable jungle world, which until now has seen just the barest of colonies founded on its surface, pending the completion of Ishanoth's orbital shipyards, when a concentrated effort at colonization will be possible due to huge colony ships.

The Collective is located on the tip of one of the galaxy's arms, in the northeast quadrant.


Main article: List of Taurgit Technologies

Spaceship building. Mainly handles ship chassis of up to cruiser size. Orbital shipyards are being built that will be able to handle up to Dreadnought size.

Basic laser weaponry. Basic particle acceleration tech, including beam weapons. Basic plasma tech. Most lower caliber weaponry is comprised of mass drivers.

Basic spaceworthy armor is fully developed, be it of the light or heavy variants, with more specialized options like ablative armor.

Basic forcefields are fielded for all ships, down to the smallest shuttle or starfighter.

Space Travel

The Taurgit still don't have the technology to cover vast expanses of the surrounding galaxy. Their current FTL tech limits them to the most immediate star systems in their vicinity.

Back Story

The Taurgit were once a strong spacefaring race, which had a good number of star systems under their influence. But due to their expansion, they settled onto a world which was slated to be terraformed by another empire. An empire that was overly territorial and exceedingly violent. The resulting war went badly for the Taurgit, which had almost all of their colonies taken or flat out destroyed from orbit. They were forced to evacuate thousands of their populace to cryo sleeper ships and then migrate to the farthest reaches of the galaxy rim they could find a livable planet in. The voyage took its toll on their ships, and they were forced to land on a nondescript desert planet which, luckily, was habitable. The damage to the ships was so extensive that they had to scrap most of their technology and scramble to save the survivors from cryo sleep. In the following years, the Taurgit had to rebuild their civilization back from the bronze age.