The Divine Quartet

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The Divine Quartet is the collective name given to the four deities Isaha, Joshia, Karcum and Zachar. They are the creators of the Croiz and Salchissan races. They have no original forms, but prefer to appear as four differently coloured flying orbs with a smoke tail, giving one the image of some kind of spirits.

The four gods of the Divine Quartet are not as powerful on their own as other gods are, but together are just as capable of creation and destruction as any other deity. They each embody an element of nature, and combine their powers to create or destroy. Isaha represents Earth, Joshia represents Water, Karcum represents Air, and Zachar represents Fire. Statuettes or other kinds of depiction of each god are commonly found in ruins of ancient Croiz civilization, where they were placed in or near sources of their respective elements.

Although the Quartet was widely revered long ago, they were banished to The Void in what has come to be known as The Banishment.