The Entente

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The Entente
Government Political, Military, and Economic Alliance
Member-States The Kingdom of Edolas, The Crescanian Confederacy, Unanian Empire, The Empire of Caelum
Motto "Unitas"
Species Ventus, Human, Croiz, Kerackian, Salchissan, Aascanan, Haká, Solarisian, Fe'Juk, Saxcanae.
Inclination Twilight
Population 154.9 Billion
Religion Multireligious
Primary Languages English, Arabic, Japanese, Crescanian, Spanish, Frakion
Capital Radient Garden

The Entente was formed in 2864 G.C as a quartet alliance formed by the Unani Empire, the Kingdom of Edolas the Crescanian Confederacy, and the Empire of Caelum under the initiative of mutual defense from two Galactic Threats attacking the empires at the time; the Shadows, and the Dark Serpents. Originally, it was focused solely on defending against these threats. But soon, due to the alien-hostile activities of the Human Defence Coalition, it changed it's focus to military, scientific, and economic cooperation as well as technological sharing between its members; not only combining the scientific talent, diplomatic skill and military might of the members, but also influencing each other's cultures in varying degrees. In mid 2865, Radient Garden, a not yet fully colonized habitable garden world initially serving as a joint Unani-Edolas research station, was chosen to be the military, diplomatic, and scientific capital world of the union.

The Entente has no official leader state, and is ruled through democratic consensus and voting. However, the Crescanian Confederacy is not used to the idea of democracy, seeing it as a weakness, and sees themselves as the dominant of the four empires due to their military and economical superiority, as well as the fact that they alone make up for almost half of the population representing the union. This results in the Confederacy making many demands and wanting a piece of everything, as well as a desire to be the one with the final say and the largest influence.

The Kingdom of Edolas, however, is more than willing to allow the Confederacy dominancy and participation. In their minds, the entire purpose of the Entente is to unify sentient life for the purpose of social, technological, and spiritual advancement. To that end they have continuously pursued peaceful alternatives to war with the Human Defence Coalition, very nearly managing to avoid war with them on several occasions. Despite this, they are among the main motivators for enhanced military technology, in order to defend against what they call 'Threats that cannot be reasoned with'. The Unani Empire is also complacent with their place in the Entente, aiding greatly in technological matters for the entire alliance.

The mutual defense system of the Entente does not act as a coherent group such as the Coalition Rapid Reaction Force, instead; a far more versatile system of telepathic information sharing allows tactics and strategies to be shared among military commanders in different empires lightyears apart. These commanders share information on a daily basis, working on strategies together and on occasion engaging in virtual wargames. All commanders of every empire in the Entente use this system, increasing strategic and tactical capability by a hundredfold for many of them. Soldiers from every empire are trained together on the world of Radient Garden on a bimonthly basis, familiarizing combat tactics from each empire to every soldier participating in them. In regards to naval operations, fleets from each empire can regularly operate together to defend against threats using instant Jump Gates provided by the Empire of Caelum for when such a thing is required; but such fleets are rarely but together unless needed due to the lack of a need to, since effective and efficient coordination for such fleets can easily be maintained due to the aforementioned telepathic system and virtual wargames.

Regardless, the Entente is mainly focused on scientific and economic prosperity for each member in it. To that end, the capital world of Radient Garden is orbited and surrounded by an enormous ring station that both invents and improves new technology on a daily basis and provides advanced technology for each member-state's society. Trade agreements are also in place, greatly increasing economies and reducing poverty across every empire. This is a great blessing for the Kingdom of Edolas, which has long suffered from an overproduction problem that has now been completely solved.

Edolas Contributions

The Kingdom of Edolas is the founder of the Entente, having created it with the other four empires with the combined authorities of Fleet Master Shibungi, Wind King Sora Takeuchi, and Flame King Spitfire. The goal of the Entente was originally to defend against galactic threats, but due mainly to Edolas it soon evolved into a full political, economic, and military alliance. In accordance with it's role as the founding member, it has put into place economic agreements between each member-state and placated former tensions between them. The Jump Gate/Mental Link Rapid Response System was created by Edolas with aid from Caelum, as was the mental telepathy circlet technology which made possible the current level of empire-wide tactic discussions and virtual wargames that the Entente engage in.

In accordance with it's military roles, Edolas has both provided advanced military technologies to each and every member-state and provides the Entente with the use of most of it's powerful ships in order to combat Galactic Threats. While Edolas does not have the greatest amounts of ships in the Entente -and indeed, in the galaxy at large-, it most certainly has among the most advanced shipbuilding technology in the galaxy such as Constructor Sentinels, Factory Moons, and the upcoming Star Forge; and uses this technology with extreme prejudice to create it's current technologically-advantaged defense fleet. Radient Garden, the current capital of the Entente, was originally a joint Edolas-Unani Research Facility; which soon changed at Edolas' suggestion to the political, technological economic, and military capital of the Entente.

Crescanian Contributions

The Crescanian Confederacy is one of the founding members of the Entente and without doubt the main military body of the union, outnumbering and outgunning the other member states by far. They have provided massive amounts of personnel, weapons and raw materials to joint operations, but have barely contributed any economical wealth at all, as until the Edolasian factory moon is complete, the Crescanian economical budget will be too delicate to tamper with by funding new projects. Crescania is the greatest example of how the Entente is equally beneficial for all member states; the Unani provides a plethora of new military and civilian technologies on the Crescanian society, Edolas provides massive new resources and production boosts, including their great pride, Sakuradite which gives both civilian and military production in Crescania enormous boosts, and Caelum provides technologies that are valuable to the extreme, mostly in terms of transport. All this without counting the huge amounts of jobs that are provided for the Crescanian civilian sector through the demand of work on colony worlds and projects belonging to other member states. In return, Crescania not only provides large amounts of workers, raw materials and weapons, but also serves as the Entente's main shield against hostile forces, be it the Human Defence Coalition or other yet unknown powers. Without the enormous Crescanian military body, the union would be vulnerable to galactic superpowers like the United Systems Commonwealth

However, unlike the other member states, Crescania does not see the Entente as an equal union at all. They know their importance on the military sector, and sees themselves as the dominant member, but knows that the other members makes the Confederacy more powerful with every project and every scientific discovery. They are in fact helping Crescania keeping its hold of dominance in the alliance, working to make their economy strong and their military more advanced; they are like the fish cleaning the gills of the shark.

Unani Contributions

The Unani Empire is the founding members of the Entente, having been overwhelmingly enthused with the alliance. Due to the Unani's intellectual nature and lust for knowedge, the Unani have greatly aided within research projects based on the Entente homeworld of Radient Garden. In regards to Radient Garden itself, the Unani have made the most economical contributions through terraforming the planet, building out facilities and building out the artificial ring. Because of the Unanis dedication and budget towards both the planet and sciences all of the facilities include state of the art tools which can be physically updated through the usage of nanobots.

At the center of the first facility to have even been constructed is a large circular chamber which the Unani have dubbed the Chamber of the Ancients. Inside of the chamber visitors will find that the large chamber is styalized to look and feel as if they were within an Ancients building. Within the chamber Resides 20 Ancient AIs from the Unani past and present which they have recollected.

As per standard Unani infrastructure, they have deeply integrated their empire renown Galactic Network systems into the Radient Garden to not only allow the scientists to easily share information and research breakthroughs, but also to allow civilians of the planet access to the full network, with the exception of classified data. Due to the multi-empire nature of the Entente, it also marks the first time that the Galactic Network had been opened up to all of the member species simultaneously.

Due to the secure nature of Radient Garden, A large portion of the Unanian Scientific population has applied for permits to move their operations over. While the majority of these permits are denied, it isn't uncommon for several projects to be moved over every month. A testament to the amount of scientific research done within the empire.

Caelum Contributions

Caelum's assistance to the alliance has been one mainly consisting of military strength. Docked with Radiant Garden is the mobile mega-base "Ouroboros", a huge ship capable of many things, but currently in a state of partial activation. In addition, one of the two dangerous Fortress Arks is anchored in a starbase there as well. For means of rapid navigation, Caelum has set-up a jump gate network in each empire's territory. In addition to the space vehicles, Caelum infantry is ready for battle at any time, capable of being dropped from orbit from a ship onto a planetary surface. Solarisian personnel capable of transforming provide extreme defense, as well as using their increased strengths in other fields, like heavy-lifting and repairs on the stations and ships. Another contribution is the use of cynosural beacons, which allow pinpoint jumping from the Arks from a very far distance, being multiple light-years.

In terms of non-military contributions, Caelum has scientists working 24/7 working to unlock the secrets behind their progenitors, the Angelicytes. While they don't take kind to them trying to access the power of what they left behind, they are not using force to interfere, rather using secondary methods to keep the Entente, HDC, or any other force from gaining the power they had access to, simply because they do not trust them to be responsible with it, yet. However, the leader has been much kinder. He purposely instigated a malfunction at a Angelicytian orbital data-hive and revealed its location. Of course, forces from both the Entente and the Angelicytes were sent. The result was a brief encounter with spider drones, and the leader handing over undetailed blueprints to some small arms to the Entente explorers.