The Kingdom of Edolas (T.K.O.E)

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The Kingdom of Edolas (T.K.O.E)
Edolas Flag.png
Player Ragez
Leaders Sky King Ragez
Species Ventus, Dragon.
Inclination Twilight
Population 15 Billion
Government Democratic Monarchy
Religion Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, and Shintoism
Currency Edolasian Aera
Primary Languages English, Arabic, and Japanese.
Home World Extalia
Core Worlds Extalia, Saudia, Sylvarant, Tethe'alla, and Tenroujima.
Organizational Alliance The Entente
Trade Agreements The Entente, The Crescanian Confederacy, The Unani Empire, The Empire of Caelum, The Bridgend Commune, The Kaveni Empire, and The Jinkou Republic.

The Kingdom of Edolas is a galactic empire originating from the planet of Extalia in the Lacrima System, mainly populated by a race known as the Ventus; a race with extreme similarities to Humans both in appearance and in culture. Edolas is an empire with a Twilight Inclination, and therefore it's inhabitants see the folly in attempting to look at the world through rose-tinted glasses, but chase their dreams of peace and prosperity with encouragement from the government anyway. It's multiple gifts from The Ancients have ensured that the Ventus have become one of the most technologically powerful and peaceful empires in the galaxy, but this is also due to their mostly peaceful nature. Edolas can be considered a Democratic Monarchy, but prefers not to give itself a classification.

The Capital City of Edolas is the city of Era on Extalia, a beautiful wondrous city filled with things that amaze tourists at every turn. The Kingdom's single moon is named Kingdom Hearts, a name stemming from it's heart-like shape.


B.D.W (Before Daimao War)

The Ventus came into being thousands of years before Humanity even conceived the Gregorian Calendar, but due to insufficient historical records, not much is known about it. What is known, however, is that the Ventus were a race created using modified Human DNA by The Ancients for some reason or another; leaving behind technological relics for the Ventus to eventually find and advance themselves with. Despite this, the Ventus treated the relics with disdain; as they had naturally-occurring magical powers due to their Twilight Mana-utilization abilities. Eventually, though, several bloodlines began losing all their Mana due to both overuse and reproduction with those Ventus that did not have Mana; as Ventus were born with a set amount of Mana usually determined by their parents, and once it ran out, it ran out forever; Which lead to an aristocratic class-based society of many nations where the magically powerful ruled over those with little or no Mana.

Ancient Ventus Ruins

Eventually; a disgraced former noble scholar named Xehanort and his close friend, a slave who was tired of being mistreated named Kratos, came up with a plan: They would devise a Magical Rune which would take all the Mana of the Ventus race, and dissipate it into space; leaving the Ventus as equals with no Mana to differentiate them by. They spent years on the plan, with the former noble devising most of the Runes, and eventually they finally succeeded in drawing the complex Rune.

But, unbeknownst to Xehanort, Kratos had modified the Runes; the Mana, when drained from all the Ventus, would not leave the planet when the Runes were activated. On the contrary, the entire planet's Mana would stream into whoever was standing in the middle of the Runes at the time. By the time Xehanort realized this, it was too late; for Kratos had already activated the Runes, stealing the Mana of entire thirteen billion-strong Ventus race and taking it all for himself. When the shocked and betrayed Xehanort asked him why he did so, he replied:

"Somebody has to lead, Xehanort; and I'm the one who deserves this position the most."

Xehanort, sticken with unbelieving grief and anger, attempted to attack Kratos; but was quickly defeated by the near-omnipotent Kratos, who allowed him to escape saddened by Xehanort's unwillingness to join him. Kratos then went on to become ruler of the entire planet, declaring himself King of Extalia and manipulating the populace to his will with his magnificent magical abilities. He ruled kindly at first, doing his best to maintain order due to the collapse of Ventus civilization, but eventually; the people rose against him once they learned that he stole all their Mana, and rebellion broke out all across Extalia. Kratos, believing that he could diffuse the situation, then went out to the populace to dissuade them to rebel; showing off his magical powers once more. But the result was far from what he expected, as the crowd immediately broke out into a frenzied rage after a rebel in the crowd riled them up, and began charging towards Kratos.

Kratos, not knowing what do so, panicked; crushing the hundreds of rioters with a swash of his hands once they cornered him. That was the breaking point, the moment where Kratos turned into The Demon King. His horror at the massacre he committed made him begin believing that life was pointless, and that the only way the Ventus could find salvation was if the all simply ceased to exist in the moral plane. That whatever the afterlife would be, be it Heaven, Hell, or merely nothingness; would be better than continuing a meaningless and painful existence in the real world.

The Great Daimao War

The remains of the largest city on Extalia, after the Demon King's first rampage.

Acting upon these beliefs, he ordered his fanatical army to massacre entire cities; aiding in the devastation himself with his Mana powers. He killed, he murdered, and he tortured everybody regardless if they stood against him or were simply hiding from him. Which soon resulted in his fanatical army losing their devotion and rebelling against him; which ensured their demise by the Demon King's hands as well with the exception of three men that stood besides him regardless of his actions.

Xehanort, who had been running across all of Extalia to get away from the Demon King, knew that he was outmatched; eventually deciding to settle in the last place Kratos would look; the tallest mountain in Extalia, one that nobody had ever managed to climb due to it's extreme height, it's remoteness, and the lack of a want or need to do so. After months of climbing, he finally reached the summit; and what he found...was not what he expected. A strange metal casket stood sentinel on the peak, as if it had been waiting for Xehanort the entire time. He wearily approached the casket, placing his hand upon it to examine it; and he immediately found himself in a strange data world with a dark blue-haired man in front of him.

Do you wish for power? Power beyond your wildest dreams? Power to rule an entire galaxy?" The man asked

Xehanort stood, stunned by the sudden change of events, before determination came upon his face and he replied:

"Nay, I wish for such a power; but not for those reasons. The reason I desire power is for our sake, it is for the Ventus' sake, and it is for the universe's sake. The reason I desire power is so that we may all live! So that the march of time shall never stop! And so that the universe may finally know peace!" He replied

The blue haired man smiled at Xehanort's answer, "Very well, I, Saix -the A.I of The Sky Regalia-; shall grant you power. But in the process, you will lose everything you now hold with the exception of your Heart and Soul; do you still accept?"

Xehanort did not even wait five seconds before nodding in affirmation, to which Saix smiled at again; before their surrounding began flashing with millions of data lines. Bewildering and surprising Xehanort greatly.

But before Xehanort could question what was happening, he felt a suddenly jolt of unbelievable pain across his entire body; the process had begun, and the Sky Regalia began integrating itself with him. He felt a level of pain that he had never in all his life experienced, as both his body and soul were ripped apart to allow the Sky Regalia to join with him. All of his flesh, his mind, his organs, his muscles, and his bones were all eradicated to make way for the piece of Ancient technology; and his soul, his life's very essence, started to erode in the face of it's invasion. He felt his life force slipping from his body, his body and soul could not handle it. Soon, Xehanort would die; and he knew it.

But then, Xehanort noticed something; in the entire process, the Sky Regalia did not even touch his Heart. In noticing this, he finally realized what it was he had to do. In the chaotic turmoil created from the Sky Regalia's intrusion, he had to achieve the impossible; survive using nothing but sheer willpower. Initially, he saw the daunting task for what it seemingly was; impossible. But then, he realized just what was at stake; he was not doing this just for himself, or just for the Ventus, he was doing this for every living being that shall ever exist; he was doing this for their continued existence. His failure here would not merely mean the end of his life or his race, but it would mean the end of the entire concept of sentient life itself.

To this end, he decided that he could not, and would not, fail. The fate of the entire universe was resting on him, and he would not let it down. He broke free of the Sky Regalia's will, protected his soul from further destruction, and willingly sacraficed his entire body to the Sky Regalia; leaving no biological matter behind as he fused completely with the greatest gift of The Ancients, the Regalia of the Sky, the machine which would bring peace to not only Extalia, but to the entirety of the Milky Way as well.

Once the process was completed, with Xehanort passing the test and beating the Sky Regalia with nothing but his heart's will, he found himself back at the summit; the rising sun breaking through the clouds on the horizon as if to hail the arrival of the new Sky King.

"Congratulations, Xehanort; the title of Sky King is now yours." Saix said, appearing as a hologram to the Sky King. Xehanort looked at his hands, then into the reflective inside of the casket to look at himself; and found somebody else entirely staring at him. His appearance was similar to how he was before, but it was still different. The power he obtained, and the sheer emptiness he felt from losing even part of his soul, made him look and feel completely different from how he was before.

"Xehanort, that is a name that I no longer deserve nor desire. The meaning behind it, the reason why it was given to be; both of them no longer apply to me." The new Sky King said, "Henceforth, I shall be known as Ragez. For that name, while it may not necessarily be what I want, is what both I and the Ventus race need." The Sky King, now knowing what he had to do, then jumped off the mountain; ready to face his destiny and defeat his former Blood Brother once and for all.

The battle between the Sky King and the Demon King would be forever recorded in Ventus history for all eternity, but details of the battle are sketchy at best due to the low amount of witnesses. What is known was that the battle was one that shook the very earth of Extalia from the sheer power of their blows; tearing apart the very sky with their attacks. Eventually, the Demon King was defeated by the Sky King; in a moment of triumph that would become the single most defining point of Edolas history.

A.D.W (After Daimao War)

What was left from the Demon King's devastation was a population whittled down from billions to a few millions, an annihilated infrastructure worldwide, and a planet absolutely sapped of both vitality and life due to both the drained Mana and the war. It would forever be known as the Great Daimao War; in reference to the Japanese word for 'Great Demon King' popularized during the war for it's short length. Despite this horrific situation, the Sky King's worldwide announcement for the demise of the Demon King, and his pledge to rebuild Extalia, gave Ventus hope for the future once more. Using this hope, Ragez, as he was now known, became leader of the Ventus.

Soon, Ventus civilization was back on it's feet. The Ventus would learn to live without Mana, just as the Sky King had proclaimed. Much had been lost, including a civilization's-worth of culture that would be very difficult, if not impossible, to regain. It was at this point that the Sky King, using the capabilities of his Regalia, found Ancient artifacts that described the entirety of Human history from it's beginning to it's untimely end. Using this data, he gave culture and knowledge of the past to Ventus once more.

But one thing was missing, a name for the new civilization. It took quite some time for a name to be decided on, with several different Ventus all putting forward their own ideas, until the Sky King declared that he had found a perfect name. The name was originally from an old Earth story, one that had been created in the early 21st century of Humanity. It described a civilization that had, remarkably similar to them, lost their magical abilities due to a catastrophe and managed to rebuild and prosper after it. The civilisation's name was the Kingdom of Edolas, and it's name would become that of the future Ventus empire.

Centuries past, with advancement upon advancement being made by the Ventus largely thanks to Ancient relics and the Ancient Dreadnought Etherion. A thorn in the side of Edolas throughout it's existence was the Dark Brotherhood, remnants of the Demon King's followers who desired nothing less than the end of all sentient life through reviving the Demon King. The movement gained strength throughout the ages, until it finally reached the current space-fairing empire-spanning strength it has today. Edolas combats the Dark Brotherhood with all it's might, but they are excellent at concealing their Sanctums; with a Sanctum being present even on Extalia itself.

Regardless, Ventus society was and is relatively peaceful for it's entire existence. With no open civil wars or rebellions happening throughout the entire two thousand or so years of Edolas' existence. Murder, thievery, arson, and crimes similar to those were nearly nonexistent; with the peace-loving and empathetic Ventus doing their best to be productive and maintain society as best they could. The empire was utopia, a perfect society with nearly no problems whatsoever aside from the secret wars being conducted out of the public's eyes.

Eventually, however, a few problems did arise. One of which was a fairly understandable and recent problem; overproduction. The Ventus' technological capabilities, coupled with their relatively small population, ensured that Edolas was producing far too much for it's size. This resulted in a small amount of discontent, and it made the next problem even worse; a lack of communication with 'Brothers in the Sky', or aliens as other civilizations call them. The Ventus were enthralled with the possibility of meeting and cooperating with alien life, perhaps even discovering remnants of Human civilizations that might have escaped the destruction of Earth.

Recent Events

Soon, this dream was realized. Due to the Pledge Queen's full unlocking of the Etherion Dreadnought's data storage; allowing them to create Slipspace Drives and greatly advancing their technology. With this new technology, they began exploring, terraforming, and colonizing planets outside of the Lacrima System; placing beacons in each system they visited to contact alien life.

One of the beacons, placed near the space of the Crescanian Confederacy, eventually had it's message received by them; who deciphered the map hidden inside it in order to meet them in what is known by the Ventus and Humanity as the Epsilon Duo System. There, the Sky King met with the Croiz Admiral Loritos Carutino in a Logres-Class Battleship; where the Sky King demonstrated the power of the Ventus via the Storm King single handedly besting every one of Loritos' guards in under two minutes, allowing negotiations with a pleased Loritos to further.

The Sky King and his entourage then immediately went to the Croiz homeworld; Cusorea; and met with the Croiz Gu'ush Hazzet Njakja Vaisk. There, the two leaders worked out the details of an alliance; one that would prosper over the years due to finally solving Ventus overproduction problems.

Soon, another alien empire was found, quite by accident, by Captain Sai Akuto and his crew. This empire was the Unani Empire, and soon a similar meeting occurred with Sai Akuto and the Unani Male Prime Minister Cyrus Gage. This meeting almost ended with disaster, as the Captain suddenly lost his mind and attacked Cyrus once they shook hands; attacking Cyrus and unsuccessfully attempting to drain all his Mana (thanks to the timely intervention of the Unani Ezra Younge. It was soon revealed that Akuto held the Demon King's heart inside him, and he was safely taken back to Edolas once his wits returned to him for judgement.

It was soon realized, once the Sky King visited both empires, that the two empires were currently at war over an incident regarding a stray colony ship in Crescanian territory that was destroyed. The Sky King saw this as intolerable, immediately rushing to Cusorea in order to solve this conflict. The Gu'ush was initially wary of the Sky King once he announced Edolas' alliance with the Unanis, but eventually conceded to peace negotiations with them after the Sky King informed him of his plan to solve Croiz overpopulation problems which consisted of three steps: Increasing mining by the use of Sentinels, increasing production by the use of Sentinels and Factory Moons, and giving the Croiz the locations of hundreds of suitable colony worlds for mining, agriculture, and living.

Soon, the Ventus also made contact with the Empire of Caelum; who were fighting a war with the Unanis in which an Edolas Stealth Corvette was assisting with F.L.E.I.As against the enemies. An alliance was soon formed with them once a Solarisian named Isiah overthrew the evil being leading the empire and informed the Unanis and the Ventus of an upcoming war with a Galactic Threat known as the Dark Serpents.

The two Keyblades of Light and Darkness were given to the Unani Female Prime Minister Rin Hoshira and the Crescanian Gu'ush Hazzet Njakja Vaisk respectively during this period, with the two given training by the Sky King to become Keyblade Apprentices and utilize their new powers; all in preparation of the upcoming war with The Demon King.

Soon, the First Shadow War began; with untold lives being lost and dozens of colony worlds being taken by the presence of a new force; The Shadows. It was also at this time that the Dark Serpents first made their appearance; attacking the Unani homeworld with a large fleet that was soon repulsed thanks to the combined efforts of Edolas, the Unani Empire, the Empire of Caelum, and the Crescanian Confederacy. In this battle, a military alliance was formed between the four empires called The Entente.

Edolas soon met with a Human empire while tailing the Shadows; the Kurgan Empire. Aiding them with repusling the Shadows and eventually meeting up with two other Human empires in the course of the war; the New Covenant and the United Systems Commonwealth. The empires soon all met up and began to discuss the Shadow invasion, agreeing to aid each other in this fight for survival; with Edolas sending ample amounts of ships to both the New Covenant and the Kurgans to reclaim their worlds.

The long and heavily draining war was finally brought to an end when the empires found the Artifact, which was creating by an ancient race to destroy the Shadows; but was being used by the Shadows to disrupt the powers of telepaths and eventually kill them. This plan was stopped when a combined fleet and task force consisting of members of each empire attacked the Artifact; eventually destroying it from their combined efforts.

It wasn't long after that the division between the temporarily allied powers began to become clear, with the formalisation of The Entente and the creation of the Human Defence Coalition. The two sides engaged in massive military build ups, both for protection against the other side and against future galactic threats. A Cold War began, spurring on the creation of new projects such as superdreadnoughts and robotic soldiers. As the Human powers began to feel increasingly threatened by the Croiz and vice-versa, the possibility of war grew more and more likely until Edolas was forced to take secret preparations for nothing less than total war with the Human Defence Coalition.

The disappearance of the New Covenant was both a boon and a tragedy for the Ventus; as while the New Covenant was an extremely xenophobic and hostile empire, they were still Humans, and so many Ventus both mourned and celebrated their disappearance. But this event soon passed away from government focus upon the discovery of a terrifying truth; the Demon King was returning.

The Dark Brotherhood had been growing in strength in recent years, spreading all across the galactic empires, and with the coming of a triple eclipse on Tyril and the discovery that the Demon King's heart resided inside a Ventus captain named Sai Akuto; the stage was perfectly set for the Demon King's return. The Entente soon established a large military presence on the Tyrilian continent of Frasia, and set up a meeting with the Human Defence Coalition to settle the matter of unclaimed New Covenant space along with supplying information on the Demon King to aid the Human forces in fighting against him should he be revived.

Despite the efforts of the Entente, the Dark Brotherhood in conjunction with the Dawned Ones and the New Covenant-originated Cultists managed to kidnap Sai Akuto and create a massive Mana Rune Circle around the continent of Frasia utilising an Accelerated World spell to greatly speed up time in the city of Frasia. The forces in the city fought bravely, but did not manage to stop Hades until it was too late.

The Demon King was resurrected, and his mere presence struck fear into each and every person in the battle both on ground and in space. Using his incredible powers, he tore the Heart of Tyril out with the entire city of Frasia into space; creating the Cathedral Tyril, a powerful primeval dreadnought of stone and metal that used stolen Unani technology and Dark Mana to devastate the Entente forces. Every attempt at retaking the situation was humiliatingly defeated by the Demon King, until the fearsome being left the system with the Cathedral Tyril and all of his remaining forces to build up his army and navy in the edges of the galaxy. The galaxy was now at war once more, and it was Edolas' turn to lead them against this new enemy; the monster that had been born on their homeworld, no longer worthy of being called a Ventus.


The Galactic Territory of Edolas, marked in purple.

The Territory of Kingdom of Edolas borders the territories of the The Crescanian Confederacy and the The Unani Empire, much to it's delight; as both of them are close allies. It's exact location, to be precise, would be in the North-West Quadrant of The Milky Way, close to the galactic center.

It's colonies consist of the Core Worlds: Extalia, Saudia, Sylvarant, Tethe'alla, and Tenroujima; the Inner Colonies (examples: Qustantinia, Iwo Jima, New Damascus, New Birmingham), and the Outer Colonies (examples: Xerxes, Amestris, Harvest, New Kazakhstan). All in all, Edolas has colonized fifty planets, and has mining operations on many more.

In regards to environments, Edolas does not heavily distinguish; as both freezing cold tundras and blazing hot deserts are fine with them. Though, it's preferable to them to terraform or find environments that best support vegetation and animal life; such as a forest-like geography.


A Ventus.

The Ventus are a race believed to be created by The Ancients, for the purpose of either an unknown experiment or simply as an act of kindness. Originally, Ventus were capable of utilizing a set amount of Twilight Mana given to them at birth. But as Ventus without Mana could not give birth to Ventus with Mana, the Mana of the Ventus race was lost forever after the Great Daimao War. Despite this, the Ventus have moved on and replaced their Mana with technology; due to both the efforts of the Sky King and their own efforts.

The Ventus are a race of human-like beings; the only real differences between them are that their eyes are usually bigger, their pupils become cross shaped when adrenaline flows into their body, hair color is not a genetic trait and can come in very odd colors, their skin has little to no imperfections, compared to humans they heal quicker, their cerebral cortex is much different giving them the ability to see 3D scales of their surroundings, and their bodies can take much more pressure and have the ability to gain larger amounts of muscle mass.

Spiritually, they're capable of resisting efforts to take over their minds or Soul due to their soul awareness. And have the ability to create a Shadow to intimidate enemies. Nowadays, Ventus usually augment their minds and bodies with cybernetic or biological enhancements; allowing them to telepathically communicate and do physical feats that they would normally never be able to do.

Many Ventus find extreme pleasure in using Air Trecks, as they give them the ability to do something that they've always wanted to do; fly. The Ventus are obsessed with the sky, seeing it as everything they want to attain in life and in death. Ventus believe that Air Trecks, or ATs, bring them closer to the sky. So far, the Ventus population stands at around 10 billion.

In regards to Dragons, the other Edolas sentient life form, not much is known due to their isolation; only taking part in military affairs and generally keeping away from the Ventus in their own city. The main planet of the Dragons is Extalia, but the Sky King has granted them Tenroujima as a second home. Their strength, speed, and magnificence are nearly unmatchable; capable of going toe to toe with even the most advanced armored vehicles or aircraft with technological enhancements. They are lead by the three Dragon Clan Leaders, powerful Dragons capable of using Mana attacks who lead their respective clans, but are still under the command of the Sky King.


Ventus society is incredibly free, due to both extremely low crime due to general good will and satisfaction among the populace, and because all public places and stores are watched at all times by Saix, the Sky King, and other Overseer A.Is.

Edolas is primarily composed of philosophical people, as both society and natural genetics encourage free thinking. This has led to the creation of 'Roads' in the Air Trecks world; every Storm Rider places an emphasis on a certain aspect of their "Run", which determines their "Type". Over time, the Rider's Run develops into a characteristic style, philosophy, and repertoire of tricks, which is termed as their "Road". Riders who master a Road to a high degree are called "King-level" riders, and King-level riders who possess their Road's "Regalia" are called "Kings".

Brethrens are also a result of this way of thinking, with Ventus either creating their own Brethren-types or copying them from old Human records. Examples of Brethrens include the Arab Brethren, the British Brethren, Ascetic Brethren, the Mihotoke Brethren, and the Cognito Brethren.

Most of what citizens require is provided to them, but Edolas also encourages Ventus to seek beyond what they have and attain true happiness; but not at the cost of the happiness of others. This is a rule that nearly all citizens follow,


Where Nothing Gathers, the Council Chambers of Edolas.

The position of Sky King has remained in the possession of the immortal Sky King Ragez for two thousand years, the Sky King posses the Sky Regalia, a weapon of unknown power that is rumored to be vastly more powerful than any weapon in the entire kingdom.

The Sky King's word is mostly law, not due to the lack of capability from the people to protest his actions -as all citizens of Edolas have the right to telepathically question the Sky King, and he always responds-, but because nearly all Ventus wholeheartedly believe that he knows what's best for the nation. Which isn't surprising, considering the length of time that he's been ruling them and the massive improvements he's made over the years.

Aside from the Sky King and the general referendums, there exists a Council of which half the representatives are officials elected by the people themselves, with the other half being the Nine Kings. They have the power to veto any of the Sky King's decisions, but they've never used it. Members of the Council can be from any race, provided that they've been Edolas citizens for at least a year among other qualifications. In a case that the Sky King is indisposed or otherwise unavailable, leadership of the empire is temporarily granted to the next King in line; which goes in order of ranking from the Storm King in the highest rank to the Thunder King in the lowest rank.


The Economy is generally excellent, with power problems being non-existant thanks to a mineral located around the Lacrima System called Sakuradite. And a great deal of money is made through mining artifacts left behind by The Ancients. Production is booming, largely thanks to the entirely mechanical Exsphere Factory Moon that orbits Saudia which produces a great deal of things ranging from steel construction beams to battleships. This is also aided by the enormous Strato Sentinels which have the capability to strip mine an entire moon to it's mantle in a few months, and the increasingly large amounts of robot and robotic workers in construction and other manual labor jobs.

Overall, the only real problem with the Edolas economy is overproduction; with the Ventus producing more than they can use due to their relatively small population. This has been solved in recent years by strong alliances and trading agreements with the The Crescanian Confederacy, The Unani Empire, The Bridgend Commune, The Kaveni Empire, and The Jinkou Republic.


A battle between two King-level Storm Riders wearing Sub-Regalias.

The Military of Edolas is solely looked at as a peacekeeping force within Edolas, to defend it against those that cannot be reasoned with such as terrorists or, more recently, Galactic Threats. A war with the legitimate governments of Humans, or any other 'Brothers in the Sky', is looked at with absolute disdain among the Ventus; who would quite possibly never agree to it. Another function of the military that's the reason for it's current size is due to the fact that it's original purpose -and indeed; it's current purpose- is to prepare for the second coming of The Demon King.

The Space Navy of Edolas is a rather large organization, consisting of thousands of ships and orbital defense platforms. Generally, fleet deployments are looked down upon; but Ventus jump at the chance to fight if it means that they get to fight alongside a 'Brother in the Sky' against a Galactic Threat.

The Ground and Sky Militaries of Edolas consist mainly of Air Treck riders wielding advanced plasma, electromagnetic, and laser weaponry; Knightmare Frames; and Knight Giga Fortresses. All of which are capable of fast movement and flight. This ensures that enemy tanks and similar armored vehicles are rendered absolutely useless due to the lack of an ability to actually hit Ventus forces. Edolas military doctrine largely focus on speed, with no care whatsoever given to the notion of 'battle-lines' or 'holding positions' due to how the Ventus always quickly move from one area to another.

The entire military is headed by the Nine Kings; powerful AT riders with incredibly powerful Regalias. There are only Nine Regalias in existence, and so they are highly contested. To become a King, one must defeat a King or have the King pass on his title. In regard to defense, several large railguns exist scattered around inner colony planets, orbital defense platforms of many shapes and sizes are located around every planet, and several military bases can be located around almost every planet.

The Brain Chargers, a spec-ops Supersoldier unit trained from birth to become warriors, are the primary elite forces of the Edolas Military; capable of magnificent feats of strength, agility, and stamina without compromising any of the aforementioned feats. Clad in VAJRA MK VII Armor, the Brain Chargers are a serious threat to any enemy ground or space force.



The Exsphere Factory Moon

In regards to technology; Edolas is extremely advanced, due to the gifts given to them by The Ancients, the Sky King's wisdom, the technology of the Humans, and their own efforts. Telepathic communication is standard among all Ventus, biological and mechanical augmentations are becoming increasingly common, and power problems are non-existant due to the existence of Sakuradite; a synthetic mineral element only found in the Lacrima System that can be used in a manner similar to conventional engines for energy, can be utilized using Yggdrasil Drives to dramatically increase energy output, or can be used in Sakuradite Fusion to make unbelievably large amounts of energy (At such a level that most generators that fusion Sakuradite need to have limiters placed on them; so as not to overload their systems with the sheer power created from the fusion).

Generally, Ventus get around using Air Trecks; often travelling across entire cities in them riding on the street or jumping atop buildings and such. This is not to say that Edolas does not have flying cars, as it does, but they are seldom used for inner city travel by those under the age of 70 and over the age of 10 due to ATs generally being faster, healthier, and funner methods of transportation.

Robotics technology is also advanced, with Knightmare Frames being the only vehicles that Edolas uses in it's military. This has led to the creation of Sentinels, robotic machines with limited Artificial Intelligence who are capable of both combat and manual labor jobs such as mining or constructing. Edolas has a fascination with the sky, as previously mentioned; so it is not uncommon to see buildings floating above the ground in cities, or to see entire cities floating above the clouds.

Alliances and Trading Agreements

Edolas has alliances and trading agreements with The Crescanian Confederacy, The Unani Empire, The Bridgend Commune, The Kaveni Empire, The Jinkou Republic, and is actively seeking more. The extreme willingness of Edolas to ally with other races is due to their love of sentient life, their trusting nature, and their ability to see how alliances nearly always benefit whether for defense or for trading agreements. The Ventus see all races as equal, be they Croiz or Human, and do not discriminate whatsoever; but discriminate against and heavily dislike races and factions that do not confirm to logic and disrupt peace.

So far, their alliance with the Crescanian Confederacy has been the most stable and beneficial, with the Croiz quickly eating away at the overproduction problems of Edolas due to their massive population. This has resulted in improved relations for both the government and the people of the two empires. The alliance with the Unanis and the Bridgends, though, is what the Ventus have always dreamed of; alliances with legitimate Human nations, and the chance to repay the Humans for all the aid they have provided to Edolas in terms of both culture and technology.

Trading agreements with the aforementioned three empires are steadily growing, quickly among the Confederacy due to their needs, and at a moderate speed with the Unani and the Bridgends due to their self-sustainability. Sakuradite, Edolas' most valuable resource, has so far only been traded in large quantities with the Crescanians, and in medium quantities with the Unanis.