The New Covenant (T.N.C)

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The New Covenant (T.N.C)
New Covenant Flag Version 1.png
Player LordNecross
Leaders Emperor Justinian II
Species Human
Population 35 Billion
Government Theocracy, Imperial Triumvirate
Religion Christianity
Currency Thrones
Primary Languages Latin, Greek, English, a Variety of Languages
Home World New Israel
Core Planets New Israel Arcturus
Organizational Alliance Human Defence Coalition
Trade Agreements The Union of Kurgan, United Systems Commonwealth, and Bridgend Commune

The New Covenant is a Religious based Super Power Empire with a history shrouded in War and the mysteries of the galaxy. A Empire to Rival any other, it is highly Xenophobic due to a history of war with overtly hostile Xenos. It is a a Empire geared towards war and has a faith based society that inspires bravado and closeness in its people as a community. It is usually looked upon as warmongering by others, but at its core are a strong religious people who are exceptionally kind to their fellow Humans, but history with Xenos of course has affected their views as well. The Empires Primary goal is to assure the Faith and Humanity survives, a Goal that it will achieve at any cost, and so it searches the Stars for those willing to hear the word and those willing to protect Humanity as a Whole and to crush those who appose Humanity.

The New Covenant Leaders:

Leader: Emperor Justinian II

Religious Leader: Pope Etherius The Wise

Crusader Leader: ArchKnight Gabriel Hammer-Fist

High Admiral Lord: Admiral Fergus


2 Systems. Each has a singular habitable planet.

These Systems are currently Warp Bound within the Newly constructed super Highway and network known as the Warp Web. All other territories are temporary settlements, usually resource gathering and ship construction operations. The massive Flotillas of the New Covenant are their territory and homes with the exceptions of their remaining systems, which serve as trade centers, and Government centers.

Race: Human, Super Human

Description of Race: Human, as for Races, it doesn't seem to vary too much, predominately white on the Home planet, it does have pockets of differing races, not comparable to races of old Earth though. Depending on the planet one is from and the region, Can vary from white and blonde to very tan and dark haired.

Super Humans are the Genetically modified Super soldiers that make up the Most Elite Branch of the Empires Military, The Crusaders. There are variances, but primarily one thinks of The Crusaders when referring to Super Humans. They are genetically modified to be Stronger, Faster, Smarter than the average Human. In this they succeed, they are beyond Human, achieving extremely long life, most assume they are immortal, continuing to live on until they are outright killed, usually in combat. As for other Modified Humans, Elite groups of soldiers can receive minor augmentations, but not so extensive as the Crusaders.

Population: Humans-35 Billion(This includes Augmented Humans) Super Humans-1.6 million (Divided into many Chapters)


Society Is divided by Classes, Those who work within the Church, Those who Serve the Church, and those Who fight for the Church.

The Church- The Pope being the head of the Church. Oversees day to day Religious activities and archives Information and Relics, they also oversee and direct in the construction and ritual of construction Holy technologies. Has a Civilian work force.

The Military- The head of the Military being The Emperor. The Military includes the Holy Navy and Ground and Mechanized forces. It is very typical of Any Modern Military when it comes to Ranks. Has Military/Civilian work force.

The Crusaders- The Super Human protectors and enforcers of the Christian Faith. They have Ties to both the Church and Military, and can act independently of both.

Civilians- This includes everyone who is not within the Military or Church. They make up the Majority if not the Entirety of the work force. From them both new Church acolytes can be taken, if they have the Gift. Military recruits from them as do the Crusaders. Every civilian is immersed within the Faith their whole lives, there is no straying from the path, and to give up the faith an act of Heresy punishable by deportation to a Pagan prison world, a tropical planet that is filled with heretics, and even the offspring of such heretics that have devolved into Cannibal tribes of savages. To be sent there is almost a death sentence, though many have had revelations and found faith during there trials on the planet. Those who find the Faith again are rescued, and they typically return to serve the church. Those who repent are forgiven. Civilians have also become even more socially integrated as they are dependent on one another due to their new ship bound life styles, it is unsure when they will consider returning to terrestrial life, or if they believe it is even needed. The war has also allowed for more freedoms, as more citizens have sought their own fortunes, allowing for more trade and mercantile work outside of the empire, only with other independent Human civilizations.

The Faith is everything, and for the most part the people of the Empire have unshakeable faith in the Lord. When it comes to those in the Working class, there are always jobs and never a reason to be without one, so poverty is obsolete, as everyone must contribute. This helps make society fairly stable as the Church keeps most in touch with its people.

Government:Theocracy Economy: Government/Church Run


The Military is Headed by the Emperor. He is advised by both the Pope or a representative of the Pope, and the Crusader ArchKnight. Generals head the Military and devise tactics, but are Ordered to do so by the Emperor. The Pope can call for Holy War, but can be denied by the Emperor with sufficient reason, though in most cases the Emperor will back the Pope fully. The Crusader ArchKnight keeps in contact with the Emperor to let him know the Status of the Various Knight Chapters.

The Navy is used in Space combat and deploying ground forces along with providing both orbital and air support. The Bulk of the Military includes Ground forces, which are formed into regiments, with both troops and armored divisions. Standard troops are not the greatest in combat but having good officers improves their efficiency, and over whelming firepower is there forte. Standard troops can also field more advanced weapons increasing their effectiveness, but for the most part they help the Armored divisions do their job. The army has elite troop forces to call on as well, Shock Troopers, which field the most advanced weaponry available and better protection. The Church also provides its own Elite troops that can be called upon by the Army, though typically they are only used in defense of the Church, they are known as The Choir. The Church also provides Priests with the Gift, which are deployed on the battlefield to improve the effectiveness of troops and bolster morale, as well as strike down enemies. Techno Acolytes and Priests are also provided, for helping in Military construction and Vehicle repair as well as blessings.

The Crusaders are the most Elite troops, and are not known to lose battles. They have access to the most sacred of Technologies. They are used in all situations to turn the tides of battle. They can be called upon in time of need by either the Church or the Army. They act independently though, and ,mostly travel the Stars as the bring the Faith and Fury to those who would deny them. They recruit from among all the colonized planets, and are trained from a young age until they have reached the age at which they can be genetically altered. Defense: Automated Turrets line the walls of every fortress along with Heavy weapon positions and Artillery. Troops are always on the ready for deployment, and Elite troops can always be called on for precision strikes for hindering key targets. The Navy is always on the ready, patrolling the system and having ships constantly on the ready for any attack.

In recent Developments the Long lost Assassins Temple was discovered, it returned to NC Territory after being Discovered by Xenos, and the recovery has been controversial at best. Some within the Empire are glad to have the Assassins services again, and others down right despise them, but realize they are quite useful. Justinian has been adamant in not using them for their assigned purpose unless in war time, where they will only be allowed to be used in destabilizing the Enemies war efforts, and not in uncouth and dishonorable Assassinations. However the Military finds use for them, and does allow some assassinations to occur without knowledge and to avoid backlash.


Technology is advanced in many regards, but Land vehicles still rely on combustion engines, though very efficient due to synthetic super fuels. They have access to Tanks and Walkers of many types. When it comes to developing new Technologies, it is much slower than other Civilizations, due to a priority set on rediscovering Technologies that they had lost. They still make developments though, but more resources are set towards recovering ancient powerful tech. Something unique though to this Civilization is their Holy technologies. Which have basis in the Spiritual and the Technological. These technologies are constructed to harness energies beyond understanding, and only seem to function after being sanctified in Holy Ritual. Only the simplest of tech does not require this. Relics, are both Holy symbols and weapons, and have unique properties in the hands of the Faithful. Weapon are usually Melee, and are called Holy or Power Weapons. They crackle with arcane energies and cut through materials with relative easy. Armor is Basic for Infantry, but even hardier holy armor can be given to elite Humans, while Power Armor is only available to Crusaders, or the very privileged. Armor for Infantry has improve drastically in the past few hundred years, these advances making standard infantry far more survivable than before. Recent developments have also led to a new military company to be formed that uses power armor, while not Crusader quality, it puts them far above standard infantry in terms of protection.

Most weapons are also combustion, but highly advanced. Energy Weapons are limited to Laser Weapons, Plasma Weapons, Fury Weapons. Though Lasers are the most produced, in terms of Infantry. Laser Rifles and Pistols are standard issue, and these Hardy weapons are easy to use and surprisingly environmentally safe, in terms of energy source, which are Battery cells that can be recharged with sunlight and heat. For the daring, in the heat of battle, tossing the battery in a fire and quickly retrieving it can be a way to quickly recharge it. As for punch, these weapons lack any, but in such numbers they can reduce oncoming enemies to ash and slag, there are Highly advanced versions that are more devastating that are available to elite forces. Laser also come in Cannon forms that can range in Size to Vehicle mounted to a Heavy Weapon emplacement for a Ground team, though The Crusaders can carry a Shoulder mounted version, these versions though do not benefit from rechargeable cells, and used cells are either trashed or recycled. Laser Weapons can also be used in Space, and these are the most devastating, with versions that can be used for orbital bombardments, though this is only used in place of more conventional missile strikes. Unlike other Laser weaponry in space, The New Covenant Empire has Laser capable of efficient Space combat, beyond point defense, and used as Cannons. For Longer distances only Specialized Ultra Lasers can be used, or conventional Missile or other weapons.

Ships typically are Both Well Armed and Armored, and having shielding technologies as well.

Space Travel: Warp Drives- Using the immaterial realm of emotion and mind, and other otherworldly energies to travel at faster than light speeds. The Warp is however unpredictable, a jump that seems to only take a while can feel multiple times longer in the warp. The Nature of the Warp prevents aging however, so for long jumps the Years it may feel like are used for training, and preparation for exit into real-time and space.

The Development of the Warp Web has allowed for near instantaneous travel from point to point as long as an access way is constructed for entering this Warp Web, it also allows for hasty retreat for both Civilian and Military Vessels. Jumps are far more precise when using the Warp Web highways.


The Story of this Empire goes back thousands of years, where this pocket of Humanity had expanded into a vast conglomerate that prided itself on knowledge of the material and had all but lost touch with the spiritual. It boasted freedom for its people to indulge, and used cold logic to make less of what was truly important. Knowledge seemed to be free but there was a great oppression, and a great depression of the people. Things were kept back, and attempts at spirituality where nullified in very passive-aggressive ways. Life seemed to be only attaining what made you immediately happy in life, so things like drug abuse were common among the lower classes, and suicide rates were high.

It was a constant cycle, and a type of life corporations thrived on. The chaos of the people fueled corporate exploitation, and their products fueled the chaos. Society claimed itself to superior to the past, but all they had done was devalue themselves, and make excuses to make it okay to act as if they were wild animals. Animals could be controlled, and this made it easy to keep the ignorant masses in line. This was the state of the Gommorrahn Republic. It was a vast civilization, but was plagued with societal problems.

This all changed in what came to be know as the Third Enlightenment. Religion burst back into the fray, it was at the rediscovery of an ancient book known as the Bible. It had been discovered by a man of the name Tiberius August. He read through the book, and became enlightened as he came to disgust what he saw around him, he brought word to the people. His words fell on deaf ears for those who felt content with their pitiful lives, but to those who suffered they saw the light, and they gathered in great numbers. Wars started and at first it seemed the Republic would be victorious, but with wartime came discoveries, and seemingly individuals among the Rebels became endowed with strange power. Soon technology battled psychic power, with only one explainable source. Those who were granted these gifts made other discoveries, and soon technology was turned against its users.

The War left the Republic in shambles, and the Rebels were victorious, Tiberius became the first Emperor of what they called the New Covenant, representing their new blood-pact with their God. Soon the Empire began to flourish, as it brought together its people under the Faith. The Church was soon established, and many technologies came from the faith, and with the passage of time they became well established within the most major systems of what used to be the Republic. Their populations grew under the Faith, as abortions were prohibited. All grew within the Faith and the Empire did all it could to prevent itself from becoming like the Republic, so Anti-religious thoughts were crushed, through exile or death in cases of small rebellion.

Time went on under the first Rule of Tiberius, then another calamity struck when they encountered an Alien threat, as a Vast armada of advanced yet seemingly battered and ill-kept ships entered the realm of the Empires dominion. The aliens were horrible, and attempts at communications were met with unintelligible garble. Disturbing revelations came when it was discovered that the Aliens spewed many languages at once, ones they shouldn't even know. Languages such as Babylonian, and Sanskrit, even Hebrew. What truly drove the message was when a boarding party entered one of the Alien ships after it had been immobilized. They where met by human sized aliens, that looked frail and sickly, and they twitched and foamed at the mouth, blathering and speaking in tongues. The men did not survive, as the frail aliens proved to be severely stronger than their malnourished forms portrayed. It seemed this entire armada of aliens had become possessed by demons. The battles fought with this foe lasted several decades, and during this time the Emperor demanded a new type of Holy Warrior be made, and through their advanced technologies of the time came forth the Crusaders and their Holy weapons of purgation.

The war went on for another decade, and within that time the Empire had been brought down to its home planet, but finally the New Covenant won out, destroying what they discovered had been an entire Alien civilization. The Time of recovery came and during this time many of the technological wonders had been lost, spread out to rediscover as the Empire slowly began to grow again. The Crusaders set out on their Crusades across space, discovering pockets of Mankind, and helping to recover what had been lost, and the Empire slowly rebuilt itself over the next several thousand years.

Another note to make, is that the Time-line of the New Covenant does not match the Galactic time line, and this is slowly coming to realization, though the Church has surpressed this knowledge because it could cause fear, it also explained the lack of communication between the other Empires and the New Covenant. The Entirety of their space for some reason had been trapped in the Warp, if only partially, causing time to slow, it is still debated as to the cause of this, it may have been due to a fact that the when what would become the Gomorrahn Republic left earth with its experimental FTL Drive, that they had actually used a Warp Drive, that upon Exit warped real space into a bubble in the Warp.

The researchers who discovered this have since descended into madness, and have undergone mind wiping procedures, Historical records have been modified for the viewing of other Empires to prevent this knowledge from reaching them. Currently only known to the New Covenant and Kurgan Dignitaries, Ten Thousand years passed while in the Warp Stasis.

Recent History

The sudden retraction of the Warp from the Universe dragged the Entire Empire back to where it started in its own pocket dimension that was originally created by the Gomorrahn Scientific Colony long ago. Their enemies came with them, and with new Connections with the Warp, a bloody war was raged. The War has lasted 500 years thus far, leaving the New Covenants people without permanent homes, something the empire adapted to over the generations.

With only two planets left in its name, the New Covenant fought hard to keep them, emphasis was especially put on the Forge world Arcturus, the only advantage they had for the war effort. Advances in warp technology led to the construction of a Artificial Construct in the Warp known as the Web, Highways allowing nearly instantaneous travel from point to point where ever the Web was anchored, as long as an exit was constructed, nearly instant travel was available. The Warp Web also proved to be useful in protecting the now space bound civilization. The Warp Web itself was helped in construction by the Pope Etherius and Justinian himself, as it was discovered that powerful psykers would be needed to mold the Warp Web, after that the Church was able to continue construction. Soon after the main Hub's Completion the Demonic Forces broke into the Web, and a battle to push them out was begun, Arch-Knight Michael The Blessed was slain in the resulting conflict, much to Justinian's dismay. Gabriel Hammer-Fist, a Knight of the Meteor Blades Chapter became his successor.

With the Warp Web Secured the empire could focus its efforts on its home planets, and the civilian population could safely reside within the Web, and only journey out for resources while under guard.

The War continued on to the defense of New Israel, and has been the single longest of all the battles. The war is headed by the Champion of the Demonic forces, the Champion of the Biblical Demon known as Legion, Caesar who claims to be Justinian's Brother, and twin at that. They have yet to fight, but the time comes when they will, and it seems they are tied to each other in more than just blood. During this war however, the Arcturus Research and Development base has been constructing something to help the New Covenant rectify the undue ejection from the Dimension their new found allies reside in. It waits to be seen if they are successful.

Economy and Alliances:

The Economy is generally strong as all people of the New Covenant are raised to feel as a part of the community, and so everyone contributes in some way to society with no exceptions. Everyone fills a niche and strong social influences created by family and religious values help to instill this in children and is something that sticks with them permanently. This means the entire population is working with the notable exception being children and those too disabled to do so but even then technology helps even the handicapped to be more productive than usual.

This helps to run the massive Factorums that produce everything the Empire uses, usually in great quantities which helps in War Time and in times of expansion and colonization. The Largest factorums are on Forge Worlds, which are essential planets that produce everything the Empire needs in extreme numbers.

Constant War however keeps this in check, as there is alway some foul Xeno who would like to see the New Covenant burn. This mostly contributes to advances in War Technology versus advances in civil Technology, but the Church helps keep the masses entertained and up to date as possible.

Generally high production capability, but for some items produced Quality supersedes quantity. So exquisite items of War and other Notably advanced tech is made in smaller numbers and only available to those with the funds to afford such.

Alliances: They have alliances with Human civilizations within there sector of the galaxy, most of which formed from the remnants of the Gommorrahn Republic. These alliances allow for protection in trade for resources and recruiting grounds for the Crusaders, they also are subject to the spreading of the faith, which slowly converts the societies, it is a slow process but eventually they will end up a part of the Covenant. Currently Forming an Alliance with the CommonWealth and Kurgan, to Defend against any future Conflicts with the Xenos, Specifically the Croiz who are an Obvious threat.

Trading Agreement: There are Several trading agreements between colonies of the Empire and protectorates that reside outside the 4 main systems. Trade Agreements between Kurgan, and CommonWealth opening up.

Currently the New Covenant is only willing to associate with ProHuman Empires, as it gives a Mutual goal of Furthering the Human race, and protecting it from Xenos. However the New Covenant has an extremely strict no Xenos Policy. Under normal Circumstances the New Covenant would have long ago went to War with the Crescanian Confederacy in an eventual war aimed at utter annihilation of the the threatening species of Intelligent Lizard Xenos. The Need for Mutual defense has been great enough to prevent this however. As for the Kingdom of Edolas, it is generally looked upon with disdain because they associate associate with Xenos, causing them to reconsider labeling them as Xenos outright and to begin to go on the defensive against their strange policies. Currently the Goal is to strengthen Humanity to the point that all Xenos can be easily removed as competition and that more time can be spent on furthering Humanity in a Xenos free Galaxy. This is an integral part of their mindset due to past experiences with Xenos, something that they will not let go of in the foreseeable future, as it is Illogical in their eyes to associate with those who would destabilize Humanity.

Assessment and Military Units:

Strengths: They have a powerful Navy , combined with having access to powerful special resources, such as Gifted psykers (those with the gift), and Elite special forces. Vehicles are a mainstay of the army, and its backbone the ground forces. Everyone in the Empire provides service, and none are without work, Giving the Empire a powerful industry. Crusaders are a boon themselves, they have no military equal in the Galaxy today, having the most advanced armor and weapons in the galaxy at their disposal.

In combat there is an extensive focus on defense, fortifications and firepower. While capable of fighting with different doctrines, the New Covenant is especially good at defending against assaulting forces. Holding key points while special forces attack other key positions, with vehicle, air, artillery, and orbital support.

Weakness: If left unchecked by superior officers or other leaders, troops can loose moral and make mistakes in combat, this can be kept in check by officers and Priests who provide moral support to the troops during combat, their death however can allow for the troops to fall apart if the situation doesn't seem in their favor. The biggest problem, mostly in their Most high tech items, is they are not easily produced. Crusader armor being one of them, the price of their extreme protective properties is not being massively reproducible, and only the highest quality materials go into their construction. This explains the quality of weapons and ships as well as armor, why they exceed much of their other Galactic counter parts. Production is slower, and most ships are recycled.

Best Infantry Unit: Crusaders- Super Human soldiers that wear Holy power armor, they are the most elite forces at the Covenants command, and they are meant to do the most seemingly impossible tasks and succeed. They have access to the most powerful weapons and vehicles, and even use different space craft from the actual Navy. They are more specialized as a mobile elite force, out pacing every other special forces in existence. They are highly mobile, in their armor, and have reflexes faster than any human,a Crusader is capable of feats of speed, agility, and strength while wearing the armor, able to match about any opponent, this can be accounted to their nueral interface with their armor and its powered nature enhances their already super human traits, this can also be accounted to their newer models of power armor, that retain the same protection as older models but are lighter by about 45%, the advanced armoring techniques ensure no protection is lost, however it is not strange however to find those who prefer the older armor, it comes down to preference and combat style and training. Their only true weakness is numbers, which rarely inhibits them as they are far to intelligent to deploy incorrectly.

Best Vehicle Unit: Tiber Medium Battle Tanks - Tough well armored Tanks, armed with large battle cannons, these may not be the most powerful available, but they have many variations for differing tasks, and are an all around good vehicles.

Best Air Force Unit: Valkyrie Combat Drop ship- A Versatile drop ship, it can be equipped and outfitted for differing specialties, and is capable of space flight, but not capable of FTL. It is used to bring in troops either from ground bases or dropped in from an Orbital ship.

Best Space Unit: Emperor class Battle Ship- These massive ships are powerful, and are the center of any fleet, they carry the most devastating weaponry and heaviest armor and shielding. They aren't very mobile but mack up for it in defense and offensive capabilities. They also carry orbital bombardment weapons, more than other ships are capable of, though all battle ships have them. Once in orbit they can deny the enemy escape and provide precision laser and missile bombardment of marked targets. The Emperor Class is actually a Carrier though it has defense turrets as well, it also has advanced communications systems, due to it large size and the amount of craft it can deploy, it is typically capable of destroying enemy ships quite handily, as the massive amount of fighter and bomber craft easily out do super weapons as ship based weaponry are useless against such small targets.

New Covenant Ground Vehicles List

New Covenant Aerial, and Naval Vessels

New Covenant Navy

Current Opinions

This is a List of the New Covenants Opinions currently of Other Empires, it is Subject to change, as opinions change.

The amount of time that has passed since having seen these other Empires has caused many doubts, as what was known about them has become somewhat distant history. The New Covenant have no idea of what to expect upon their return nor do they now how much or little time has passed for other Empires.

The Union of Kurgan: To be Determined.

The United Systems Commonwealth: To be Determined.

The Bridgend Commune: To be Determined.

The Unani Empire: To be Determined. Historically looked upon as disillusioned Xenos lover with no understanding of the threat Xenos pose to Humanity. Certain peoples within the Church however look upon the Unani with more favor than most, this group is led by a Cardinal William who claims to have gotten his views on the Unani from his great Uncle, Father Leonard who perished at the hands of Demons. This group however keeps their opinions well hidden, but this group grows in numbers and has enough followers to hold its own.

The Kingdom of Edolas: To be Determined. Historically looked down upon, for strange threatening views they see as weakening.

The Crescanian Confederacy: To be Determined. Historically seen as vile and terrible Empire of slaving Reptiles that are a threat to Humanity that needs to be removed, it is yet to be seen if time has weaken them to a point of not being a viable threat.