The Oraka Dominion (T.O.D)

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The Oraka Dominion (T.O.D)
Restrictions Alliances, non-aggression pacts and trade agreements with other empires not allowed
Leaders Qa'ran the Red
Species Kekoti
Inclination Darkness
Population 34 billion
Government Clan-based Kratocracy
Religion Various pagan religions and pantheons
Currency Various
Primary Languages Zakite, Lopa, Qi'riz, Murkara, Huki
Home World Quarli
Core Planets Quarli, Nrak, Kechette, Poko, Maddack
Organizational Alliance Disabled
Trade Agreements Disabled

The Oraka Dominion is a minor empire positioned in between the borders of the Crescanian Confederacy, The Kingdom of Edolas and the Kurgan Empire. It is made up of hundreds of loosely connected Kekoti clans, with the warchief of the strongest clan taking the role of High Chief of the Dominion. To become High Chief, a clan warchief must gain enough support from the other clan chiefs, then defeat the ruling clan's armies and personally decapitate the High Chief.

The Dominion is the most hostile and aggressive of all the empires in the known galaxy, with a culture based greatly on domination, death, and war. Orakan slavers and head hunters have become a serious threat to colonies in the surrounding area, as heads and slaves are popular war trophies among Orakan warriors.

Although having potential to be a great power in the galaxy, instability and infighting has reduced the Dominion's capabilities to raiding and enslaving lonesome neighbouring colony worlds or small galactic nations. Should the many clans one day merge together into a single sovereign state, the Dominion would prove a far greater threat to its neighbours.