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Thrones are the Universal Currency of the New Covenant. They were developed after the formation of Tiberius Augusts Dynasty, which is the current and only blood line of the Emperors. Its name represents the Royal Throne, of the Emperors, the symbolism goes further to Represent the Throne of God who rules over the hearts and souls of all, and who they had made a new covenant with.


The throne is the largest form of Currency, as well as the name for their currency in general. Thrones appear in many forms, from digital currency, to paper, and coinage.

  • Coinage
Coin Thrones are the most rare of these forms, typically being highly decorated Gold Coins, having a Cross and literal Throne embossed on its surface as well as Latin words from scripture. Below the Throne, in value are Pieces, which are usually silver coins shaped like a slice of a larger coin, though the pointed end is rounded. These usually have a Cross embossed on them and other Latin Phrasing. Below that are Gelts, which are small Bronze, or copper Coinage, they usually have a Saint depicted on the back and a Cross on its front with small Latin phrases.
  • Paper/Fabric
The "Paper" version of a throne Depicts a Throne on its face as well as its Value in Pieces, which a single Throne Values at a hundred Pieces. The Paper Throne typically depicts Tiberius August the First Emperor on its back, though as a Smaller picture underneath a Symbol of the Holy Trinity, showing that even the Emperor is lower than God. Pieces also have a Paper Form, though come in differing values of Pieces, from Single Pieces to ones worth 50 pieces, it is some what like the Dollar system, except that the pieces becomes a Singular Throne at 100.
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