Tiber Battle Tank

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Tiber Battle Tank
Tiber Battle tank.jpg

The Tiber Battle Tank is the main Tank of the New Covenant Ground forces for the New Covenant Guard, and it is produced in large numbers, providing mobile Ordinance to the forces, capable of fighting any other main line Tank in the Galaxy. These tanks get their name sake from the first Emperor of the New Covenant, Tiberius August, who had the design commissioned in the first place.

The Standard equipment of the Normal Template Tiber Tank Includes:

  • Battle Cannon
  • Heavy Lance-Mounted on frontal port
  • x2 Heavy Lances- One on each Sponson

The Tiber tank has a variety of Models each for a different role, and mounting different Weapons. These weapons include larger Cannons meant for Tank hunting, to Plasma and Laser Weapons, and even Auto-Cannons and High power Gatling Gun to a Chassis mounted Bombard Cannon meant for blasting fortified structures open.

Other Equipment can include:

  • Search Light
  • Smoke Launchers
  • Additional armor
  • Targeting Cogitator
  • Port Mounter Heavy Machine Gun, Or Storm Lance
Plasma variant