Unanian Empire (U.E)

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Unanian Empire (U.E)
Player Killer Rin
Head of Government Unanian Prime Ministers Council
Species Human, Fe'Juk, Saxcanae, AI
Inclination Light
Population 32.7 Billion Humans

31.9 Billion Fe'Juk
8.7 Billion Saxcanae

Government Democratic Socialist, Parliamentary Republic, Technocracy
Religion Feron, Atheism
Currency Unanian Credit
Primary Languages English, Frakion
Home World Tyril, Oron, Dae
Core Planets Tyril, Oron, Dae, Hihnorac, Chiat, Meryl, Fiem, Sal'Dero, Mie
Organizational Alliance The Entente
Trade Agreements The Kingdom of Edolas (T.K.O.E)

Bridgend Commune (B.C)
Empire of Caelum (E.O.C)

Motto Unanian Innovation!

The Emperium of Unani or Unanian Empire is a Human-Fe'Juk empire based within the Kalia Star System, on the planets Tyril, and Oron. Although Humans and Fe'Juk alike populate the star system. While it is common fact within the Unani that both species do not originate from their respective planets; this fact was kept from the countless other empires and up to the Rediscovery of Earth was only shared with the Edolas due to their strong alliance.

Throughout history the Unani have always been fascinated with the sciences and technology. This came to the point that during wars in the Early Unani History, they were fought over technologies instead of religion or common resources such as minerals, food, water and energy. The Largest War in Unani History is the Great Human War which took place -300G.C and took over 200 years from start to finish. During this war, many of the great Unanian technologies such as the HPC, Thermo Bomb and even the Unanian Unatro Val came into being.


The Orgin Story

For more information, view the Geis Walker Project

Human Orgins

1.7 Million B.C (-1.8M G.C) Years ago, an ancient race of aliens known as The Ancients visited Earth as part of a scientific exploration in Evolution. An experiment which was known to take place over several millennia. When the Ancients had arrived, they had captured 2000 of each type of human and various other animal and plant species and brought them to a Recently teraformed Tyril within the new Kalia System they had set up specifically for the experiment.

When they had arrived at the planet, the Humans had been implanted with a type of Geis and placed on the continent of Hyon with the various animals placed around the world in habitats that suited them. Along with this, they had buried specific artifacts deep underground which weren't to be discovered until the time was ready.

Fe'Juk Orgins

1.7 Million B.C (-1.8M G.C) Years ago, on an unknown and uncharted planet around the same time period of the terraformation of the Kalia System, The Ancients had found a primitive race of aliens which were being used as slaves by a silicon based alien empire. At first, The Ancients thought nothing of it; although later-on during the year, while terraforming a destroyed planet they had discovered, the scanners on the terraformation ships went crazy due to the discovery of a sapient life form.

As the planet was incapable of hosting any type of known life, the Ancients went to investigate. In the process, they had found caves with chalk art drawings of Fe'Juk. During this point, the Ancients realized that the unknown alien empire had crushed the Fe'Juk homeworld and took its people captive. With this news, the Ancients declared war on the aliens.

During the war, the Ancients had been running research on the Fe'Juk, and noticed that the entire species was being punished due to the alien homeworld not being fully compatible with the Fe'Juk biology, causing harmful diseases and a greatly reduced life spans. Further studies done showed that they were on the verge of extinction due to 2/3 of the populations reproductive organs being harmfully clipped without medical safety. To solve this problem, Alien Empire had been dismantled though war and sent back to the dark ages, freeing the Fe'Juk species. As an act of redemption, the Ancients Teraformed the fourth planet within the Kalia System and moved all of the Fe'Juk to the new world to live out their lives. To help ensure the future of the species, the Ancients cloned new reproductive organs for the crippled and cloned new members of the species to get them to the point of keeping a viable population. To further on, the Ancients implanted them with a Geis to further keep them alive and well.

The Great War

The Fe'Juk Encounter

In -57G.C with the ecosystem of the atmospheric moons still in recovery coupled with a new boost to the Human Population due to out of control breeding; the newly formed Human Government was looking to expand its controlled space. Setting its sights on the planet of Oron which was already deemed to be suitable for human life, The Union of Humanity opened up invitation to the general populace to colonize the planet.

When the ships had entered atmosphere, the group was brought to a surprise as they found entire cities built onto the surface. Caught in a state of surprise due to an entire fleet of colony ships in orbit, the Fe'Juk initiated first communication. The Unani not wanting to begin another lengthy war, pulled back their colony ships and begun an alliance which operated with some difficulties until 0G.C where the two factions merged together out of convenience under the name Emperium of Unani which stood for "United We Stand Strong", later coming to be called Unanian Empire, with this The Union of Humanity changed their name to the Human Union to match the naming scheme of the Fe'Juk Union.

The Great Insurrection

The Dasan Takeover

The Dasan Takeover happened during the year 2864G.C following the in the midst of the Galactic Threat known as The Shadows. During the war, The Shadows had heavily assaulted Dasan territory, causing massive casualties and loss of worlds. During the war, the Dasan would have gone extinct if not for the combined forces of Unani and Edolas fleets lead by Flynn Rivera.

During the First Shadows invasion, the Dasan Union had lost 95% of its colonies and in the process bringing the population of the entire empire from 20+ Billion to 6 Billion total. When the battle had finished, the Dasan had been pushed back to three systems, each one having its cities demolished. When the planets had been saved, and the Shadow forces retreated; Unani and Edolas forces received a message from the Dasan Prime Minister, Shaat Horine to allow them to fix their planets on their own without external help. Respecting their wishes, the forces backed off and sent word back home.

When the war had finished in the final month of 2864G.C, The Unani had checked up on the Dasan to see how they had been dealing with repairs. When a reply was received, they found out that the Dasan in their current state had no ability to rebuild. To make matters worse, living conditions became lower than Kurgan standards bringing them into below third world status. On the remaining Dasan planets, air clarity levels were at an all time low; requiring all citizens to wear filtration masks to breathe. To add to this, food supply had been cut off to a third of the population and Water supplies dirty and heavily contaminated. With daily death rates totalling over a million a day, and population down to 5 Billion; The Fe'Juk Union decided to extend invitations to join the Unanian Empire. When the acceptance was given, it made the Dasan Empire the first species in Unani History to be given the chance to join.


Unanian Society is looked upon as Utopian when compared to the other empires. Unani citizens tend to live within a high quality of life with everything needed for a long life either provided by or heavily regulated by the government. Due to advanced biological research of the Human and Fe'Juk species, medical care far exceeds the capabilities of the other empires which leads to several citizens of other empires choosing to pay for Unanian medical facilities. Citizens of the Unani get access to their medical care, as well as pharmaceutical drugs free of cost

Society in general is typically at peace with itself, with no inter wars happening since the Great Insurrection of 100G.C. Contrary to popular belief, Unanian citizens are just as likely to hold grudges as well as fight with each other from time to time as often as any other species in the Galaxy. One factor for the generalization is due to citizens always wanting to learn more about the other galactic societies as well as civilians being generally friendly towards tourists.

Unanian Society is heavily shaped around their technological advancements such as the Unanian Galactic Network which allows every citizen to be always connected to each other through their H.P.C's. At birth, every citizen has an identical Personal AI which is created through their DNA. The AI is given to the individual when they turn the age of 6 as to ensure the development of basic life-skills happens uninterrupted. Like the Bridgend Commune, Unani politics have given AIs the same rights and responsibilities as biological citizens of the Unani


Unanian Government is heavily a Democratic Socialist that has been merged with a thought out Technocracy. Due to the technocracy mix, every segment of the government has been split up. The only people who may run as candidate for a specific role must be an expert within the field. The main election happens every five years and is between the Prime Ministers. Each race has two ministers of opposite genders. This helps to ensure that the needs of the most people can be met. Contrary to popular belief, the Prime Ministers dont hold as much power as they let on. Their only role is to ensure the people are happy, develop laws to ensure the stability of the empire, create budgets and keep an eye on specific governmental divisions.

Beside the ministers, there are several other elections that happen within the specific divisions of the government. The difference between these elections and the main election is that while everyone in the empire has to vote in the main elections, only people within the specific field or division of the election may vote. Within the sciences only the profession have to vote. Within the military only people within the military profession may vote. This helps ensure that the divisions are run by someone who knows what they are doing within the field.


Baseline taxation rate within the Unani is 32% of income tax and 15% sales tax on goods; Although due to the amount of services the government offers, taxation is highly customizable. While paying for certain services such as Healthcare, Education and Administration Fees are mandatory, outside of the specific services Unanian Citizens can customize their coverage through optional taxings that offer features such as extending their Unanian Healthcare to their pets, the specific amount that they wish to be put aside for retirement, or even access to the Unani Public transit for free.

Visiting a Unanian Colony

While Colonies within the Unanian Empire are often considered high tourist locations due to the high tech advancement, culture and wide beautiful landscapes, it is a major bureaucratic effort to ensure that peace and general way of life is not interrupted. Due to the high-tech advancement of the empire, all vacation agencies are required to work with the Unanian Board of Travel to ensure that visitors are equipped to handle all Unanian systems, laws and way of doing things.


As part of visiting the Unanian Empire, all visitors are subject to all Unanian Laws and Regulations. Breaking Laws and Regulations can result in being fined, jailed or deported. For serious crimes, such as murder or rape, visitors will be tried to the full extent of Unanian Law and have the sentence passed along to their civilization for documentation and action.

First Time Visitors

As a first time visitor to the Unanian Empire, one can be filled with a sense of wonder and a feeling of being lost. To help curb this, all first time visitors are mandated to be given a Unanian Travel Guide as part of their vacation cost upon arriving at the Unanian Colony.

Returning Visitor

For returning visitors of the Unanian Empire, the cost of a Unanian Travel Guide can be detracted from the trip as long as they are in possession of a working unit as of drop off at a Colony.

Bringing Weapons

While it is legal to bring weaponry into the Unanian Empire, it is highly discouraged due to the low crime rate throughout the empire. The only restriction is that all weapons must be tagged and chipped to ensure that they can be tracked if lost or stolen. Upon leaving, the weapons will be cross referenced and the chips and tags will be removed.