Unatro Common

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Unatro Common
Element Internal-Energy Manipulation

Unatro Common is the term for people without a Unatro Classification, accounting for roughly 83% of the Unanian populace. Unatro Common abilities revolve around the internal manipulation of Unatro Energy within the Unatro Val to provide the user with the ability to perform simple tasks.


  • Energy Ball - Allows the user to convert Unatro Energy into a weak ball of energy which they can throw around
  • Levitation - Allows the user to levitate in air. For most people, the limit they can do this all at once is an hour.
  • Basic Object Manipulation - Allows the user to move objects at a small distance
  • Basic Healing - Allows the user to speed up the healing of minor cuts and bruises with their Unatro Energy
  • Unatro Shielding - Keeps the user safe from the Unatro Abilities of others. When combined with other Unatro Common abilities, it can stop a physical wound from a sharp or blunt weapon.

Military Abilities

  • Unatro Military Shielding - allows the user to project a more defensive version of Unatro shielding around themselves to keep their person safe during military conflicts.