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Domain None originally; adopted into the Domain of Isira
Classification Mammal
Lifespan 150+ Years

The Ventus are a race believed to be created by the Anari, for the purpose of either an unknown experiment to create Humans without flaws or simply as an act of kindness. Originally, Ventus were capable of utilizing a set amount of Twilight Mana given to them at birth. But as Ventus without Mana could not give birth to Ventus with Mana, the Mana of the Ventus race was lost forever after the Great Daimao War. Despite this, the Ventus have moved on and replaced their Mana with technology; due to both the efforts of the Sky King and their own efforts.

Biologically, the Ventus are a race of human-like beings due to their shared genetic heritage; the only real differences between them are that Ventus eyes are usually slightly bigger, their pupils become cross shaped when an extreme amount of adrenaline flows into their body, hair color is not a genetic trait and can come in very odd colors, their skin has little to no imperfections, compared to humans they heal quicker, their cerebral cortex is much different giving them the ability to see 3D scales of their surroundings, and their bodies can take much more pressure and have the ability to gain larger amounts of muscle mass.

Spiritually, they're capable of resisting efforts to take over their minds or Soul due to their soul awareness; a trait believed to be bestowed upon them by the Anari. And have the ability to create a Shadow, an intimidating presence detectable by those with soul awareness, to intimidate enemies. Nowadays, Ventus usually augment their minds and bodies with cybernetic or biological enhancements; allowing them to telepathically communicate and do physical feats that they would normally never be able to do. Many Ventus find extreme pleasure in using Air Trecks, as they give them the ability to do something that they've always wanted to do; fly. The Ventus are obsessed with the sky, seeing it as everything they want to attain in life and in death. Ventus believe that Air Trecks, or ATs, bring them closer to the sky.

Gravity Children

The Gravity Children are a genetic abnormality which has surfaced over the past few years in Edolas, resulting in a Ventus which has no desire whatsoever to 'fly'; a dangerous and deviant way of thought in Edolas society that can often lead to depression among unguided children. The abnormality, however, also results in an enhanced desire to live; their bodies adapt to their genetic desire by granting them a degree of enhanced strength, agility, and mental capability. This has resulted in Gravity Children to, over the years, become enrolled in military programs such as the Brain Chargers and No Name in lieu of spending what is perceived to be by many Ventus as a 'life without purpose'.

The abnormality -or as some call it, an 'evolution'- has the side effect of making suicidal thoughts impossible for the Gravity Children. To willingly take an action that will almost certainly result in their own demise is extremely difficult for them. This does not mean that they shy away from danger, as heavy training can convince them that many things are survivable even if they may not seem like it, but a deliberately suicidal action, even for the sake of their mission, becomes near-impossible.